Ableton Composition

Here is my first composition in Ableton!

I’m so proud :) I have fought getting to learn this program for years, and I am happy to see what it can do. The process was clunky at first, but once I got the work flow from making the loops, to arranging them live, and then switching to arrangement view to do the finishing touches, it all made a lot more sense. I would still like to touch this song up for sure. The arrangement is a bit long.

As far as my project goes, I don’t know if lasers are still a part of the game.. As it stands now, the idea is for the user, who is let’s say at an interactive media show in a gallery of sorts, to use a wand to control an array of possible pitches via Midi. The song above would play and they would have control over the melody. There will be some visual elements as well to either guide them or simply entertain. I am also envisioning maybe two more songs that the user could “play” with different interactions on screen.

In a different song for example, the user would be using the wand to control a pin on the screen to pop balloons which would have note names on them. When they pop, they play a midi note. The final interaction would perhaps have a Guitar Hero aspect, less improve and more of a test of skill with the wand.I have some things to learn with MIDI and Arduino and p5 and Ableton!