Lasers, Mirrors, Wands, Visualizers, Projections, et al.


My project is designed to be in an art space ideally in a 20 x 20 space. I would want it to be entertaining and accessible to users of all musical abilities. It would have an educational element to it. I am discussing working together with another student on this project. I would like to use a wand to control pitches and feed the sound of those pitches to a transducer attached to a mirror which will reflect a laser onto the wall. I’d like to experiment with array of laser/mirror/transducer combinations and play with scales, phase, multiple transducers on one mirror and perhaps mixing in projection elements for a backing track to the experience.

Here is an example of what I would like to build off of.

User Path

I love cascading, layering, fluttering sounds, each part revealing themselves in harmony, both in pitch and timing. I would like for people to see music like I see it - from a production standpoint, keying in on individual elements and their role in painting the whole picture. The user would act almost as orchestrator and soloist. They would have control over the elements of the music, and see visual feedback as each element is layered in or out. And they could “solo” over it with the wand, either refined to scales.

Listen to this Hailu Mergia song and imagine controlling the layers and the wand being the lead organ.

Song Example