from l to r: Evan Penza, Thayer Saranno, Richard Harper, Christiano Ronaldo, Jon Shoemaker, Billy Bennett, Sean Thompson, Graham Fitzpen, Matt Menold, EG, JBP.

"Curiously enough, I have been recording bands for over 15 years before releasing any work of my own, mainly because there is a lot of letting go of control involved.  The process always got bogged down in judgement and felt too laborious as such.  Also, since I had the ability to record and produce myself, I never felt I could trust (or pay) another engineer - why would a plumber hire a plumber to fix his toilet?  I also work pretty fast so I hated waiting on people.  So it took quite a while to realize that I needed to let go in order for something to manifest.  Luckily, due to the generosity of some engineer friends like Loney Hutchins and Paul Defiglia and my gracious band (who love the music, i.e. they don't mind not being paid what they deserve), I was able to get together a whole album's worth of material written and recorded. 

What I found in letting go was that I was able to focus much more on the music, songwriting and performances than the technical details which I think elevated the whole project entirely.  There's a certain spontaneity that I shoot for while creating that can really be stifled if my mind is focused on a minute detail.  There's an element of play that is lost in work and maintaining that for this project was very beneficial to the final product.  My test is usually, if I'm not smiling or laughing or having some emotional reaction that fits the musical moment, then it's not working.

As such, a new full-length record is near completion, due late 2018, under the name The Middle Tennessee Post Modern Experimental Pop Band.  This exciting new record features various members of Nashville's underground psych and indie rock scene - bands like Fly Golden Eagle, Majestico, Thayer Sarrano, Clear Plastic Masks, Promise Land Sound, and Skyway Man, to name a few..."

Billy Bennett, 2018

Moral Calculus (2017)

Placate Your Illusion (2013)