Politics: The Two-Handled Hammer

For my final project, I wanted to make a two-handled hammer as a commentary on the problems and solution for the political conundrum. “The Politician’s Hammer“ has two handles, similar to the two party system, and in order to use it effectively, you must work with a partner and coordinate your efforts.

My method similar to the original mallet we made in week 2, but the twist being that I had to angle the handles to fit. Ben suggested that I use the drill chuck and just rotate it. I tried to keep the angles for the holes the same and slightly off-axis from one another, while at the same time understanding that any lack of exactness speaks to the political critique in which I was engaging.

I would like to try another one where the handles are on-axis and symmetrically facing one another to see if the imagery would be more powerful. Here are some photos of the process with notes.