I was able to get a working model in Processing using this code. I was able to leave the sketch running over night, recording in 1 hour intervals with no problems for 12 hours. This took up around 380MB at 44.1k 16 bit mono files. So I could get about a week’s worth of recordings with ~5.5GB.


One issue I had in the sketch was that using millis() was giving file sizes of varying degrees. I believe the problem was that in my IF statements and the fact that the operations would take longer than a millisecond, and therefore not get through the whole IF loop. So I jsut incremented a variable and had it reset to zero, giving me control over the interval in time as a function of the frameRate. I futzed around and got about an hour and twelve minute recording loop.

I took the files into Pro Tools when testing early on just to see how the transitions were, and it wasn’t all that bad, especially over a long interval. Here is a pic of the erratic bahvior of the millis() function set to record every 5 seconds. And a sample of that audio below.