Oscillation, Vectors and Forces

To get my sketches into my page this week, I used ITP resident Wenqi Li’s Github FlyBy post on Squarespace and embedding iframe’s . It was very helpful, whereas the gif making process of Golan’s left me with dropped frames. It would only save as fast as I could click “Save” on the download dialog box. I also had some fun reading a blog about changing the “Loading…” dialog that p5 gives you while preload() is running. Check it out here.

Below is an example of some oscillation work I did for ICM last semester.

So with that, I wanted to revisit Vectors and Forces as I wasn’t sure I had it nailed down from position to velocity to acceleration to force and back. I had an idea for balloon objects so I first got the balloons to raise float upwards in this sketch below. Here is the code.

Next, I tried to get the balloons to move realistically in the wind as if fanned by someone erratically. If you click the lower sketch, a “wind” vector is applied to the balloons. But below is as far as I got as coding wind like that is beyond me at the moment and getting the wind to go away and the balloons back to initial movement was really the missing key so far. Here is the code.

This functionality will marry with my Music Interaction Design project in which I have a physical wand which can send accelerometer data to p5. This wand could control a wind vector or control a pin object that would pop the balloons triggering a unique musical note.