Visitations from the deep..

an "always" on digital recorder


Musicians like Neil Young have likened the role of songwriter to that of a medium. One is simply tuned into the cosmic radio station from which these beautiful utterances flow. Most often I’ll find myself receiving these blessings just as I’m dozing off to bed - in that space between asleep and awake. I will hear the most beautiful symphony playing in my head. And I will listen for a while… Then the thought occurs “You’ve got to record this you fool!” And I try to take a fragment with me, often only a snippet, for to stop the symphony, I’ve got to step out of the hall and make a call… And sure enough, I lose the sweeping numbers in the time and space between raising myself out of bed, grabbing and unlocking my phone, opening the voice memos app and pressing record. It is usually reduced to a single measure - a fragment of it’s original and fleeting glory.

One way to preserve more of these precious fragments, save serious esoteric intervention or spiritual practice, is to have an “always-on” recording device, placed within ear shot, on a 2 hour recording loop. It’s short enough to where you don’t need a lot of memory to keep it running. 

When you have noted something you need, you simply stop the recorder and export the file to the cloud (or your flash drive if you don't want potential hackers or nefarious government actors listening in).  You could take then that file and export it to your favorite DAW to make a demo.  This way as little is lost as possible.  Perhaps you're in the shower or brushing your teeth, as often happens to me, and you get a great melody in your head, or a whole song even?  There are blue-tooth devices that can be placed at the electrical socket to listen and beam back to the main station.